Meditation for Businesses

Why bring meditation & mindfulness to your workplace?

Meditation is a way of calming and training our mind to be happy. It is easy to do, and something everyone can learn! Meditation has many benefits, especially for those living and working in London’s fast-paced and demanding environments. Through meditation and by practising mindfulness in our daily activities, we can control our feelings and emotions, gain inner strength, let go of stress and start truly to relax.

Kadampa Meditation Centre London offers a multitude of varied and inspiring classes that allow you to learn powerful methods to overcome stress and anxiety, improve your relationships and bring benefit to a troubled world.

Meditation In London Mindfulness Buddhism

Our teachers are trained following specially designed study programmes and are dedicated to helping people find the peace of mind everyone is looking for.

Groups of up to
50 people

Led by qualified and experienced teachers


Workplace Visits or Visits to our Centre

Groups of all varieties are welcome to book a visit – e.g. sports teams / WI groups / work outings.

By learning the skill of meditation you are learning a practical method for solving daily problems and controlling anxiety and stress – much needed for the modern world and hectic pace of London life.

Your visit will bring your team together to learn these special skills, bringing harmony and joy to your group. The trips are fun, relaxing and informative.

Visits to the Morden and Kensington centres usually last between 1-2 hours. Visits to your workplace are 30-minute taster meditation sessions.
Everybody is welcome to visit KMC London and you don’t need any experience of meditation. Seating is on normal chairs.

KMC London offer a full range of visits to either the Morden Temple or Kensington meditation space. You can also arrange a visit to your workplace for a taster meditation session. Visits are led by qualified and experienced Kadampa Buddhist teachers.


Morden Temple

£ 35 Per hour or part of hour

Visit to your
business / workplace

£ Variable Price available on request

Kensington meditation space

£ 50 Per hour or part of hour

Kadampa Meditation Centre London is a Registered Charity (#1100615)