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20200515 The Peace Of Impermance

Learn how to protect yourself and help others by increasing your wisdom about life and death. Enjoy eight sessions of teachings and guided meditations by four teachers (Buddhist nuns and monks) who will explain the Buddhist approach to this critical topic. Learn how to practise the ‘five forces’ to improve the quality of your life and guide and inspire you at the time of death. Please take the time this weekend to become your own benefactor and protector. Everyone is welcome! No previous knowledge or experience needed.

Free for Standard & Benefactor Membership holders. Link available for one week.

20200515 The Freedom To Choose Happiness

Are you choosing to be happy every day? Can we continue to be happy even when faced with unpleasant feelings and difficulties? Take this opportunity to consider Buddha’s teachings on how happiness is a state of mind that we can choose to cultivate, rather than being at the mercy of the uncertain winds of karma that can take us anywhere.

Link available for 48 hours.

20200515 2improve Your Meditation

Meditation is a cause of inner peace. Is your experience of inner peace improving over time as a result of your meditation practice? Learn how to improve your daily meditation practice to enjoy deeper and more sustained levels of calm and peaceful minds.

Link available for 48 hours.

20200515 How Do Buddhas Help Us?

Buddhas are enlightened beings, those who are free from suffering and whose function is to benefit other living beings. But how is it that Buddhas help us? By understanding the nature and function of enlightenment we can understand how Buddhas help us every day by bestowing blessings and through their countless emanations.

Link available for 48 hours.

20200515 2prepare Well For Your Meditation

Meditation is like cooking! Well, not quite. But good preparation before cooking improves the quality of the meal. In the same way when we prepare well for meditation we improve both our enjoyment of the meditation session and the benefits we derive from it. Take this opportunity to learn how to prepare well for your meditation.

Link available for 48 hours.

20200515 Rely Upon A Happy Mind Alone

A Buddhist sage who lived nearly 1000 years ago advised that we should always rely upon a happy mind alone. This is because when we’re unhappy we have delusions distorting our perceptions and making them unreliable. In your daily life you can choose not to follow delusions but to rely upon your mind when it is happy and peaceful.

Link available for 48 hours.

20200515 Introduction To Tantra Forget Being Ordinary

You have probably heard of Tantra, but what is it? What isn’t it?! Why is it called “the quick path to enlightenment”? How does it help with our normal everyday problems? In Buddhist Tantra we learn to harness the creative and blissful power of the mind to take charge of our own “identity” and steer it in powerful and meaningful directions. Who do you want to be? Be it!

We have unlimited potential to re-imagine ourself, and so in Tantra we bring the future result of our spiritual practice into the present, thinking that we already have the enlightened qualities we seek, such as compassion and wisdom. We come to see the world through the eyes of a Buddha. This accelerates our spiritual progress to bring about visionary but active change in our self, in our life, and in our world.

  • Saturday 18 July
  • 10am-1pm
  • £14
  • Online

Link available for 48 hours.

20200515 The Joy Of Kadampa Life

A kadampa life is a joyful experience arising from integrating Buddha’s teachings into our daily lives. This means that we learn how to transform all life’s difficulties into valuable spiritual insights. By following kadampa advice we transform our ordinary life into a joyful path to deep inner peace for our own benefit and for the benefit of others.

Link available for 48 hours.

20200515 2avoid Distractions In Your Meditation

Distractions are one of the worst enemies of good meditation. The more distractions we experience during the meditation session, the less benefits we gain from it. Learn how to identify your distractions and methods to overcome them. Then you can gradually improve your focus on your object of concentration. This is meditation!

Link available for 48 hours.

20200515 Learn To Control Your Mind

How well do you know your own mind? Do you have self control? What happens when you feel anxiety, get angry or become depressed? We need to be masters of our own mind! This is why Buddha is so admirable – he was able to conquer his own mind and achieve permanent inner peace, or nirvana. That’s the greatest achievement of all.

Link available for 48 hours.

20200515 Hope, Happiness & Well Being
  • Monday 24 August
  • 7-8pm
  • £8
  • Online

Link available for 48 hours.

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