6 July – How to Rely Upon A Spiritual Guide – Online Class – 7-8.30pm


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How to Rely Upon A Spiritual Guide
Meditation & Teaching
with Kadam Lucy James

Mon 6 July 7-8.30pm

In these uncertain times many of us are looking beyond our ordinary, temporary pleasures for a deeper sense of happiness and meaning. This can be achieved by following the spiritual path to enlightenment; a path that will often take us into unfamiliar terrain within our mind. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone who has already completed this journey to guide us along the way?

In this talk, Kadam Lucy will delve into the purpose and qualifications of a Spiritual Guide, and lead meditations on how to rely upon a Spiritual Guide with wisdom and maturity. Sharing stories from past practitioners, as well as reflections on Venerable Geshe-la, Kadam Lucy will help us to appreciate and deepen our experience of this most meaningful relationship.

Everyone is welcome to join online.

*Please book 1 hour before the start of the class.
You will be sent a link to the class via email, 30 mins before the start of the class.


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