This event is held in both Kensington and Morden.

Kensington City Meditation Space – 27-33 Earls Court Road London W8 6ED

Morden World Peace Temple – 1a Ashridge Way London SM4 4EF

Kids Club | Morden June 16 | Kensington 29 June


Meditation · Inspiration · Activities · Fun

Our Kids classes aim to develop and nurture the positive qualities in children through meditation and positive thinking. Each class is organised around a Buddhist theme, such as love, kindness and patience and will include a range of fun activities including story-telling, drama and crafts. Children will also be guided in simple meditations and learn techniques to gain confidence, focus and consideration for others.

These classes are ideal for ages 6-11 years, but children of other ages may also benefit so come along and see for yourself.

Children must be accompanied by their adult care-giver at all times, care-givers can join in with the session or watch and have a hot drink.



Gen Kelsang Drolkar teaches the Morden Classes. Gen Kelsang Drolkar is a joyful and dedicated practitioner who has been teaching Kadampa Buddhism since 2013. She has worked at Kadampa Meditation Centres all over the UK and has engaged in many meditation retreats at Kadampa Centres internationally. When teaching, Gen Drolkar combines her diverse personal experience with practical insight and a warm heart.


nicky jNicky Jones teaches the Kensington Classes. Nicky has over 10 years of experience in meditation and study within the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT). She is appreciated for her sincerity, warmth, and skill in presenting meditation topics to children in a joyful, down-to-earth, simple, and practical manner.



Once a Month on Sunday’s | 2pm – 3.15pm

April 7, May 12, June 16, July 7


Once a month on Saturday’s | 3pm – 4.15pm

April 27, May 18 Open Day including kids activities Kids Session will be at 2.30-3pm,  June 29, July 13

What it's like at our classes...

Quick facts for newcomers...

What is Meditation?

  • Purpose: Cultivate positive states of mind for peace and well-being.
  • Happiness source: Lies in the mind, not external conditions.
  • Benefits: Reduces stress, anxiety, promotes physical and mental well-being.

Accessible class format

  • Non-sectarian, non-judgmental, and universal.
  • Simple methods to tackle stress and anxiety in modern daily life.

Flexible sitting arrangements

  • Option to sit on a chair or bring a cushion for the floor.

No religious affiliation necessary

  • Not required; accessible to everyone.

Open to all experience levels

  • Beginners welcome; teachings designed to be simple yet profound.

Interaction during classes optional

  • No requirement to speak in front of a group.
  • Questions are welcome.

No physical exercise necessary

  • Focus is on meditation – no yoga or physical exercises.

What to Bring

  • No specific requirements; some find it useful to bring a notepad and pen.

Simple dress code

  • No special requirements; comfortable clothing suggested.

Join a class anytime

  • Classes are self-contained; drop in whenever you can, no need to wait for the next course.

No advanced booking necessary

Everyone is welcome!

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