Welcome to KMC London!

KMC London offers meditation classes, in-depth courses and relaxing retreats in both our Kensington and Morden locations, and branch classes throughout the city.

Everybody is welcome to attend the classes to learn practical methods to overcome anxiety, stress and improve our relationships. Classes are suitable for all levels of experience.

We teach how to apply the ancient wisdom of Buddha to overcome the challenges of modern city life, in ways that are easy to understand and put into practise.

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Why meditate?

London is hectic. Our lives are busy and pressured which takes its toll on our mental and physical health, relationships and wellbeing.

To transform this we need to learn meditation and apply it systematically in our daily life.

The classes at KMC London guide us on a path of positive inner development, and attending the centre provides a structure which keeps our practise strong, enabling us to keep a positive mind during challenging times. 

KMC London was founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche – a renowned meditation master and scholar who has founded over 1,100 meditation centres throughout the world. He presents the teachings of Buddha in a way that is easy to understand and put into practise, positively transforming every aspect of our life.

What happens at the meditation classes?

These meditation classes take place at our Kensington and Morden centres, as well as branch classes throughout London. All the classes are taught by qualified, experienced meditation teachers.

Classes are suitable for all levels and begin with a guided meditation followed by a talk on how we can apply it to our daily life, followed by a final meditation. The classes are based on Buddhist teachings but you don’t need to be Buddhist to attend. Seating is on chairs and you don’t need to wear any special clothing.

You can attend in person which energises our meditation practise, offers the chance to meet like-minded people and deepens our understanding by being able to ask questions afterwards.

KMC London is a registered charity, mainly run by volunteers. 
Everyone is welcome.

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