Welcome to Kadampa Meditation Centre London!

Kadampa Meditation Centre London was founded in 2003 and serves as a special place of peace and refuge for all the people of London. The meditation and Buddhist practices taught at the centres and local branches are suitable for everyone, from those who seek simple relaxation, to those who wish to find lasting inner peace and contentment through following the Buddhist way of life. 

With a city meditation space in Kensington, as well as a Temple for World Peace in Morden and meditation classes held throughout London, everybody is welcome to come to a class or event to learn how Buddha’s ancient wisdom can help us overcome the difficulties and anxieties of busy daily London life.

Benefits of

Learn to Relax

A regular meditation practice will help to relax both body and mind

Overcome Anxiety

Overcome anxiety using powerful techniques from Buddhist wisdom

Reduce Stress

Meditation techniques to reduce your stress and eradicate its source

Improve Concentration

Improve and develop your concentration using easy-to-learn mindfulness techniques

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Find Inner Calm

Discover the true source of happiness - inner peace and inner calm!

A Deeper Meaning

Discover a deeper meaning for life and follow the path to enlightenment

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